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I'll try and keep it simple

This is what I do. On a no-fee one-to-one basis I
provide totally unbiased guidance and demonstrations
to help lovers of music in the home obtain the best
possible sound reproduction within their budget, within
their domestic parameters and within their time frame – even if that means I don't make a sale. Yes, really!

That's it!

Well of course there's a bit more to it than that and, hopefully, having got this far you'll want to read more.

The consequences of me adhering to the above approach (I suppose it is a 'mission statement' – but I really hate that phrase) leads to some interesting outcomes.

Three out of every 11 encounters leads to a no-sale:


three out of every 11 encounters with potential buyers result in me telling them that I really can't take their money. This is usually because there's nothing wrong with the current system and/or it will cost far too much (e.g. beyond their budget) to gain an improvement rather than a difference.

Invariably the recipients of my advice to buy elsewhere – or to stick with what they have – are puzzled, and then usually very pleased.

Whereas with five out of every 11 encounters . . .

result in me providing a consistent and tangible improvement in the quality of the system – for far less money than was originally envisaged by the customer. That's great as far as I'm concerned because it means they can buy lots of music to play via the newly improved system.

Meanwhile, the other three out of every 11 encounters . . .

result in the customer spending far more money than they originally envisaged – and being utterly delighted that they did.

I'm a one man band

This means I am personally totally accountable for your satisfaction and for making it right if I get it wrong. I can't blame anyone else simply because there isn't anyone else. Buy from me and you'll get more than just the equipment and a good sound.

I walk the talk – so to speak

I don't rabbit on about support service and make nebulous and unsubstantiated statements about it. My support is both real and tangible. This means that in the unlikely event of an item not providing you with sound you want (despite our mutual efforts beforehand to avoid this) then providing it’s a stock item and not a special order, I'll accept it back and offer you a refund or a credit (at your option) to progress the matter.

Risk free 28-day home trial

For UK buyers, every item, except customised items which are classed as special orders, is on 28-days sale or return subject to the usual conditions re working condition, cosmetic condition and so on. If you return it, I usually pay the return carriage and it’s only under exceptional circumstances that I don’t. Unlike other retailers, there's no 'transfer fee' or 'paper work' fee or 'admin' fee.

If you trade up, then . . .

my typical trade-in allowance is 85% of the ex-VAT price you paid me. Some say that this is an unbeatable industry benchmark that I've created.

If you decide to sell privately an item I supplied to you . . .

then I will honour the unexpired portion of the original warranty i.e. the warranty is transferable, at no cost to you or the new owner.

There's a lot more too

However rather than clog this page up, feel free to explore the site. If that's not enough, just phone me on 07870 192618.

Thank you
Howard Popeck
Founder and owner

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